Baptist Homes Foundation

Gifts That Pay You Income

Did you know there's a gift plan that allows you to provide for the Lord's work through Baptist Homes Foundation, while at the same time returns payments to you? Yes, the IRS allows and encourages these creative plans that can stretch your giving ability. Here's how they work:

Some of the best ways to support our ministry are available through life-income gifts. These "Gifts That Pay You Income" help you make a substantial gift to Baptist Homes Foundation while increasing your income!

The plans described here all have one substantial advantage over investment vehicles you read about elsewhere: these plans produce generous gifts to Baptist Homes Foundation. So, while you will receive income for life or a set period of time, you can provide for yourself and support Kingdom work.

The Benefits

  • An additional source of lifetime income for you, your spouse, or other significant persons.
  • A potential increase in the income you are currently receiving from your investments.
  • An immediate tax deduction for a portion of your gift.
  • No capital gains tax due at the transfer of appreciated assets to your gift plan.

Which life-income gift best fits your needs?

Charitable Gift Annuity
You want secure, stable income at a high payout rate. Your gift can be in cash or stock.