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Giving From Your Donor-Advised Fund

Gift of Donor-Advised Fund Diagram
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This gift plan makes sense for those strategic givers who want to contribute to God's work in a way that also benefits their heirs and minimizes their tax bill.

How It Works

  • Name Baptist Homes Foundation as a beneficiary of your donor-advised fund (DAF).
  • Make grants from your fund to the ministries you choose, when and in the amount you want.
  • The balance in your fund passes to Baptist Homes Foundation when the fund terminates.
  • During your lifetime you can also make grants to us from your donor-advised fund. See how a DAF works.


  • Involve your children and pass on a heritage of joyful stewardship.
  • Maintain flexibility to change beneficiaries if your needs change during your lifetime.
  • You can also direct your DAF to other charitable causes.


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